Frequently Asked Questions

How is my order shipped?

I love shipping worldwide, it’s always fun to think where these patterns will travel to.

I try to mail the same day or as soon as possible. If there is a delay in mailing I’ll let you know.

I use USPS (United States Postal Service) and ship First Class. For the US that usually means you’ll have your patterns within a week. For International orders the time will vary, but generally within two weeks.

All patterns are shipped in an individual acid free clear plastic bag. Sometimes you’ll get bubble wrap around patterns, this is to meet a Post Office requirement. This allows me to send your domestic package with a tracking number.

I have had very good luck with mailing patterns for many years, but if you ever have a problem just let me know.

Payment methods?

I am happy to take Paypal or Google Checkout, you can use any credit card and you don’t need an account with them. I can also take checks or Money Orders, please email me for details.

I don’t take phone orders, I move all over the US and cross too many time zones.

Condition of the patterns?

I only sell original patterns. Generally these are not new, but some haven’t ever been used – those are marked “Uncut”. Others have been cut out and carefully counted and checked. These will be labeled “Complete”.

I have to admit, counting pattern pieces isn’t always my favorite part, but I take it seriously and want you to know what you are getting. Occasionally a pattern will be missing something. This is always mentioned in the description. Expect the envelopes to show wear, but if they are very damaged I’ll say so.

If an envelope is very damaged I may do repairs, but I only use acid free glues and tapes and I try to do it very carefully. This allows some patterns to be saved for you to use. I don’t repair the actually tissue pieces, and if they ever were altered I’ll tell you.

These patterns come from a variety of sources, they may have been exposed to any number of things. But they are all stored in plastic the minute they are listed and kept in a cool dry place.

I work hard at taking good pictures, I want you to see how great these patterns are. Photos may be lightened or adjusted to show things clearly. But if you need an exact picture of a particular pattern or a back view I’ll try to accommodate you.

Didn’t find a pattern you’re looking for?

Sometimes I’ll have another copy available, sometimes I won’t. But do ask. Maybe I call that pantskirt a skort…that playsuit might be listed as swim suit. I know what I call things, so go ahead and check with me.

Also sometimes I can ask other pattern sellers if they have a copy. There is a group of us that check with each other, sometimes they will have your treasure.

Also I do keep a Want List. If I happen to get your pattern in I’ll let you know.


I want you to be happy with your purchase. If there is a problem we can talk about it.

Oh, and I really do reply to emails, so if you don’t hear from me please check your spam filters.

Do you buy patterns?

I usually have a backlog! But occasionally I do buy from folks so it never hurts to ask.